Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cupcake Cafe : New York

Some folks recommended Cupcake Cafe on Chow, not so much for their cupcakes, but for their old-fashioned donuts.

(Photo from Cupcake Cafe Website)

We got the regular and the oat old-fashioned donuts and were quite surprised at the lack of sweetness/oilyness in both of these donuts, making me imagine (perhaps without reason) that this was truly what donuts were like 50-60 years ago and that today's "old-fashioned" donuts were a sweetened bastardization of what they used to be.

That being said, my experience with donuts is admittedly somewhat limited (embarrassingly mostly to Dunkin' Donuts), but I will say that these donuts were quite good.

Cupcake Cafe
545 9th Ave New York, NY (Map)
[Opposite Port Authority on 9th street] | Chow | Yelp
($Bakery, $Donuts, $NYC,)

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