Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Salumi (Not really) : Seattle

I forgot where I had heard about Salumi. It's owned by Armandino Batali, father of Iron Chef America and Food Network star, Mario Batali. And it's generally praised by likes of Anthony Bourdain and a number of Chowhounders

Anyways, I get there 15 minutes before their opening time, 11am, (others mentioned that this is the way to go due to its popularity). And as I kicking around pebbles, bored and waiting, I realize that it's Saturday...

... and they're only open Tuesday to Friday.

Aww crap.

Salumi, I'll have to try you some other time.

Armandino's Salumi‎
309 3rd Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 (Map)
(206) 621-8772
Chow | Yelp

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