Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Phileo : Philadelphia

Ugh, I'm not going to beat around the bush. Phileo was a major disappointment.

I was initially excited when I heard that Philadelphia finally got its own frozen yogurt place, Phileo. But if this is the best Phili can do, I'd rather not have a frozen yogurt place than have this monstrosity.

Aesthetically, Phileo has no shame in copying Pinkberry's distinct cutesy modern-minimalist decor. Fine, whatever. But in terms of execution of their yogurts, this copy-cat just has it all wrong.

Contrasting with the limited number of yogurt flavors offered at Pinkberry, Phileo provides a choice of 20 or so yogurt flavors, ranging from plain to mango. Phileo offers this selection in a self-serve model and charges by weight at $0.49/ounce.

We ended up going with 3 flavors: blueberry, strawberry and plain and 3 toppings: mochi, kiwi and blueberry.

The plain had a tartness similar to that of Pinkberry's, but did not have the accompanying sweet after-taste, making for a very unflavored taste. Whereas with Pinkberry's original flavor, you could probably get by eating just the yogurt, you really need to have toppings with Phileo's plain yogurt.

The blueberry and strawberry flavors were just flat-out disasters. Tasting like artificial powdered flavors, it just reminded me of why the original TGBY frozen yogurt junk died as it should have.

Putting 2+2 together (how plain the plain flavoring was and the artificial flavoring of the other two flavors), it's pretty obvious that the additional "flavors" of Phileo are not costing them anything more to offer. They're just adding concentrated flavoring to their plain yogurt.

And that gets at the irritatingly stupid thing about Phileo. It's as if they think that even though they lack quality in their yogurt flavor, they can get by on quantity.

Dude, no one wants 21 differing flavors of elephant shit. I don't care if you color it pink and call it strawberry-flavored. Give me one fantastic flavor and expand from there.


I truly hope that Yogorino holds up better.

PS. One more point, we ended up paying about $6, which is about the same we would pay at Pinkberry, yet another point of irritation.

416 South St Philadelphia, PA 19147 (Map)
(215) 873-8361
($Dessert, $Philadelphia)

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