Monday, March 30, 2009

Palace Kitchen : Seattle

I end my last post of Seattle, with Palace Kitchen & Bar, one of Tom Douglas's restaurants. Mr. Douglas is apparently the Stephen Starr of Seattle, helping kick-start the Seattle restaurant scene.

I have to first start with the question: What the hell is up with their gaudy neon sign? (I've shamelessly stolen the image from a Seattle travel site to make my point)

The words Kitchen and Cocktails alternate being lit in a very Las Vegas / titty bar-esque gaudiness. I couldn't tell whether this was some sort of Northwest intentially ironic thing or whether their demographic is people who were initially looking for a strip-club, but who are hungry and decide to stay...

The strange thing is that once you get inside, you've got your warm/inviting/modern decor and ambiance, complete with relatively attractive hostess and waitresses.

But whatever, I'm here for the food. And I apologize in advance for the neon gaudy photos. I did my best with Photoshop, but it wasn't working. You can think of it like they are here to match the neon sign.

Oysters 3 ways - raw, fried and clam chowder style. This wasn't bad, but nothing spectacular. How can you go wrong with a fried clam? And while the clam chowder wasn't anything to tinkle my pants over (I am from Massachusetts afterall), it wasn't bad.

Washingtonian Chicken - kumquats & cocoa salt - The chicken was what you wanted a decent chicken to be: well cooked, juicy, tender, and flavorful. But I really really wasn't a fan of the kumquats, which had too strong of a flavor, was a bit too sweet and was just distracting. Strangely, this was a much much larger portion than I was expecting, which made me hesitate to order dessert. But then I did anyway.

Braeburn apple crostada tangerine marmalade and buttermilk ice cream. This was too sweet three-times over. The best way to describe it is you take a sweet apple danish, add some buttermilk ice cream and then top it off with a sweet tangerine jam. I just couldn't finish this.

All in all, I don't think I'd return. To me Union, while still lacking an edgy innovativeness that I'd want, seemed a much better end-to-end meal. But then again, Union doesn't have that strangely mesmerizing neon sign...

Palace Kitchen
2030 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98121 (Map)
(206) 448-2001
Palace Kitchen | Chow | Palace Kitchen

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