Friday, February 13, 2009

Yogorino Philadelphia

**7/27/2009 Edit** Tried it out, really liked it.
**7/8/2009 Edit** Walked by last night and saw a sign saying that it will open on Friday, July 10. Things look set up inside though.
**7/7/2009 Edit** Yogorino finally opened. Will try it out soon.

Not so long ago Phileo opened in Philadelphia, now apparently, Foobooz breaks the story of another Pinkberry-inspired frozen yogurt place opening up in Rittenhouse Square, called Yogorino.

It should be interesting to see whether this will provide a true competitor to Capogiro or not.

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  2. Haha.

    First, I can't believe someone would create a blog just to post once about their obsession with yogorino.

    Secondly, leaving a comment of just your link, especially with a name like that, well, that just makes you come across like a spammer. It's a good thing I like to check out spammer's links for entertainment purposes sometimes.

    Btw, I feel your pain of Yogorino being so slow to open, but I don't agree with your assessment of Old Nelson Deli's yogurt. While lacking the tartness and the toppings of Pinkberry, I thought it was decent in its own right.

  3. Believe it kid - I've got wifi and a lot of time on my hands (natch).

    Your right Old Nelson Deli's yogurt is decent. Then again, so is getting a hand job from a myopic hunchbacked hooker with a lisp who just might be your 2nd cousin. Sure she's cute and has soft hands but deep down you know it just doesn't feel right.

  4. Pinkberry is a Yogorino rip off. Yogorino started in 1994, Pinkberry in like 2005.

  5. E, probiotic milk products have been around for quite some time in Asia (Google "Yakult"), so I think it's unfair to say Pinkberry is a rip-off just because it started after Yogorino did. And in any case, I think that the yogurt at Pinkberry and Yogorino are pretty different beasts altogether.

    I'll also note that from a business standpoint, Pinkberry was the first company to enter into the US market, so for better or worse, that's what American consumers baseline their frozen yogurt judgements on and it's even possible that Yogorino might not even have made it here if it wasn't for Pinkberry.