Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cafe Lutecia : Philadelphia

My gf and I need very little nudging to try out French places, so after stumbling upon FindingPhilly's old write up of Cafe Lutecia, we ambled on down for a weekend brunch.

This inside is small and cozy. Perhaps there was an overdose of all the "this is an authentic French place because of all of our chotckees" , but...

...the bright colors and big windows make it an overall very cheery atmosphere.

Tomato bisque - Really very lovely stuff. Complex taste with a hint of spicyness at the very end. The texture was great; not too thin, not overly-thick, but with a texture that felt like ingredients had been put into a food processor, like you could tasty the tiny bits of stuff. For lack of a better way of describe it, it reminded me of manchego cheese except in soup form... if that makes any sense.

Oh yeah and the bread was pretty delish as well.

Croque Monsieur (described as the typical French Sandwich) - Came with the cheese still bubbling. This wasn't bad, but on some level, my enjoyment of ham has been ruined by the ham and cheese crepe I had in Paris. Every single cold cut of ham I've had in the States after that has just tasted so very wrong.

And in this sandwich, the ham just wasn't working for me. It just had a much too blatant taste that remained in my mouth even after walking out of the restaurant.

Tomato Mushroom Quiche I just don't really remember the quiche.

And here's a random picture of a Philadelphia street. I just remember walking out of the restaurant a bit disappointed to be going from that outstanding bisque to the ham in the croque monsieur that I was not a fan of.

Anyways, if only for their bisque and apparently their other soups, go try this place out. It's definitely worth a trip.

Cafe Lutecia
2301 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA 19146 (Map)
(215) 790-9557
Chow Yelp
($Brunch, $French, $Philadelphia)

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  1. I'm glad the post got you there even if the croque monsieur wasn't up to snuff. It used to be served in a round soup crock and have tons more bechamel sauce on it. Honestly I was a bit disapointed with my last one as well.

    Now try Cochon!