Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentina Salsa

This will be the last of my posts regarding food from Baja California Mexico. I guess it's good to end with a bang. Hot sauce, that is:

It seems that hot sauce enthusiasts are already familiar wth this. Smokingtongue and hotsauceblog have reviews of this. In addition, the salsa also has a wikipedia entry.

So there are two versions of the sauce: regular (pictured above) and extra hot (with a black label). This salsa is not like your standard vinegar based Tobasco hot sauce. For one, there's no vinegar in it. Secondly, I find that it has more of a smoked pepper flavor than it being spicy, so in my mind, it's not like a hot sauce you have on the table that you use to give something a kick. (Although perhaps I should refrain from saying that until I try the black label stuff)

Anyways, a friend from Mexico told me that this sauce is used in a lot of things, I guess akin to how prevalently used soy sauce is in Chinese cooking. You can of course add this to tacos and quesadillas, but he made a couple of uber-simple snacks with the sauce that I thought worthwhile to share:

Popcorn with valentina salsa
Make popcorn and shake it together with valentina salsa. Good stuff. But you have to eat this stuff soon, as it'll make the popcorn soggy after awhile.

Carrot slivers with valentina salsa and lime juice
Cut up baby carrots into 4 pieces length wise. Mix with valentina salsa and fresh lime juice to taste. A pretty simple and quick-to-make snack.

Anyways, you can buy Valentina salsa at: MexGrocer.com.

Salsa Valentina also has an Official website and an Official Salsa Valentina Facebook page.

PS. I'm curious to find out other recipes in which you use Valentina Salsa, but was having trouble finding any on the internets. Do comment if you've got one.

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  1. Recipes? Who needs recipes when you can pour that lovely liquid heat on everything! I like it in eggs, on nachos, I add it to my refried beans, the possibilities are endless. Also, don't bother buying it online. All of the mexican supply stores on washington avenue carry this stuff. Small bottle will set you back a whole $1.09, a bottle three times that size is $2.99. Best hot sauce, ever.

  2. Hot Chicken Soup + Valentina = Heaven. :D

  3. Hot chicken soup, huh? I'll have to try that out next time.

  4. Add this to shrimp cocktail - AMAZING!!! Here is what you need: Shrimp, onion, cilantro, tomato, ketchup, chiles serranos, avocado and valentina.

    1. Hi I'm a hungry Mexican an I eAt Valentina with:

      -shrimp cocktail
      -fruit and lemon (water melon + lemon + this = heaven )
      -mineral water
      -fried chicken
      -grilled chicken
      -boiled eggs
      -maruchan soup

      That's all I think about now.

  5. Just bought a bottle for 99 cents at my local grocers store. First time using Valentina. Was amazing on a vegetation Pizza. Whole new taste to an already delicious pizza

  6. Im pretty sure there is vinegar in valentina

  7. Putting Valentina on fast food french fries is soooo yummy mmmm
    try it!