Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tacos Chilako : Todos Santos, Mexico

Jan 16, 2009 Edit Looks like someone else has reviewed some of Todos Santos taco joints at Here's the short review and pic for Tacos Chilako.

This was a cozy outdoor taco stand in Todos Santos right down the street from Hotel California (Yes, that *Hotel California.* They claim to have inspired the Eagles song.)

I suppose these pics might not look like much. In fact, it probably looks like meat on small tortillas, which is well, what it is. However, there are a number of different salsas (see 2nd photo. The plastic containers behind the Fanta) that you can pick and choose to put on top of the tacos. You also have a choice of maize or flour tortillas as well.

Let me just say upfront, that I'm having a little trouble being truly objective here. Today, desperate for a taco, I ordered from a Mexican food truck. Of course, of course, of course, it was just not the same. The whole combination of ground beef, cheddar cheese bits, lettuce, and sour cream (*shudder*) seems to be the equivalent of General Tso's chicken of Americanized Chinese food. And the tortillas here just add insult to injury.

Anyhow, I will say that the meat at Tacos Chilako was a little drier than I prefer. However, there was some charm to this outdoor stand, where you can sit at the counter, contently munching away at tacos, with dust floating along the street and stray dogs roaming about. I saw both Mexicans and Gringos alike enjoying the food here.

Tacos Chilako
Juárez near Hidalgo
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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