Wednesday, January 21, 2009

El Huarachazo : Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

El Huarachazo, aka El Burro Loco (The Crazy Donkey) was also on Taco Alley street in Cabo San Lucas and was a fantastic place to have my last meal in Mexico.

All of the pictures below up to the last one are things they serve you before you even order. Below is a very thin tomato soup with pasta.

Chips with two kinds of salsa, the one on the right a thicker, smokier salsa and the one on the left, a salsa thicker than any I've encountered before.

Agua de Jamaica AI should have written down what type of juice this was. I can't for the life of me remember now. (Thanks anon) It tasted like a watered down grape juice almost.

But the crowning achievement was the enchiladas de pollo en mole (chicken enchiladas in mole sauce). This stuff was terrific. I'm not really sure what was in the mole sauce, but it strangely tasted somewhat familiar, as if they added some soy sauce. But everytime I tried to pinpoint what exact the familiar taste was, a number of unfamiliar spices took over... and I just ended up eating the plate.

My guess is that you may be thinking: damn, that's a lot of food for one person.

It was my last meal in Mexico until who knows when, so you can be damned sure that I tried my best to plow through all of it.

Le sigh, I wish I had some of this now...

El Huarachazo (El Burro Loco)
Leona Vicario & Alikan
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico


  1. the name of the water is jamaica water i think iam a friend of the owner so it most rewards and thank you for express yourselve like that about our little town....i am a lokal by the way.

  2. Anon, thanks for visiting and the clarification on the jamaica water. I really enjoyed my time in Cabo San Lucas and hope that I can return soon.

  3. realmente se come muy sabroso es comida muy buena y su agua de jamaica es deliciosa ademas sus precios son realmente accesibles ojala se conserven asi

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