Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arámburo Supermarket : Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hahaha. Perhaps some of you were thinking that my being in a foreign country in balmy weather and having worries such as avoiding traveller's diarrhea, getting kidnapped or drowning, might be enough to distract me from thinking about cookies.

But of course, you'd be oh so wrong.

I had stopped by a supermarket in Cabo San Lucas and right as I was walking out the door, noticed a small bakery section, selling breads, pastries and cookies. Hooray!

Anyhow, these cookies were more like Italian cookies, the one above with some sort of strawberry-like fruit filling and the one below, a short-cake like cookie with sprinkles, jimmies or whatever you call those things on top.

(Note: disregard the fact that the cookie above looks like it's sitting on top of a piece of toilet paper. It's a torn up napkin I swear!)

These are just things from a supermarket, so I obviously can't compare them to the bakeries that I'm used to. But I gotta say that they really hit the spot when I was there. In particular, the cookies with the sprinkles was satisfying both in taste and texture, not being overly sweet or dry, with the sprinkles lending a delightful crunchiness to the bites.

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