Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dutch Eating Place : Philadelphia

Oct 22, 2009 Update Came here w/ my parents and gf and the meal wasn't the usual delightful experience it was. I'm hoping that since this was on a Thursday, this was just a one-off bad experience...

Creamed beef - Nothing particularly exciting. I'm not sure what possessed me to order this.  The cream wasn't bad and not overly heavy, but nothing that thrilling of a flavor.  Same with the beef bits.

Short stack - Darn it, I mis-ordered and actually wanted the blueberry short stack.  But this was the one thing that still held up.  Good stuff: light, fluffly, yum.

Mashed potatoes - This was the biggest concern. The gravy was strangely translucent, looking almost like apple sauce and the mashed potatoes still had chunks of potato, instead of the uber-light / uber-whipped texture we have come to know and love.  Plus, this was not even warm.  I hope this isn't a permanent change.

Apple french toast w/ bacon - Served only luke-warm.  A decent texture, more dense and bready than eggy.  But I didn't taste the apple at all.  And the cinnamon was a bit overdone on top, with the dry cinammon powder taking over texturally in spots.   The bacon was okay - just wish it was hot.

Oatmeal - I can't complain too much on their oatmeal.  I personally have gotten addicted to the more granular steal cut oats (available at Nuts-to-You), but this wasn't bad.

I suppose my biggest concern was over the mashed potatoes, which seemed different (and worse) than before.  I'm hoping this isn't a sign of changes that will continue.


My love for this place is quickly becoming obsessive. I fear it will all go downhill and soon all that will remain will be a bad Lifetime movie about how my passion for mashed potatos went bad. Deh duh duh!

All kidding aside, besides their lovely pancakes, Dutch Eating Place does make some outstanding mashed potatoes... and hamburgers ... and apple dumplings. I really should stop relying on my cell-phone camera, as the below pictures belie the scrumptiousness of the food. The mashed potatoes were whipped to a very nice texture, light, but still hearty to be satisfying, with a gravy that wasn't overkill, and served piping hot. After eating it, I was having daydreams of swimming in massive amounts of DEP's mashed potatos. Seriously. Well, maybe the piping hot part might not have been so good, but moving on.

Their hamburgers were decent, definitely not as good as what you could get at a dedicated burger joint. But they had quality meat and it was satisfying in comfort-food manner.

I feel the worst about this picture of their apple dumping. It just looks uhh so unappetizing in so many ways.

But the apple dumpling was very good. Tasty, without being overly sweet, with a creme topping that was perfectly complementary.

All in all, Dutch Eating Place has become my comfort-food go-to place. I wouldn't claim that their food is extraordinarily unique, but they use high-quality ingredients and make balanced dishes that keep me coming back. Repeatedly. In the same day. :P

Dutch Eating Place
Reading Terminal Market
12th & Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19107 (map)
($Burgers / Hot Dogs, $Philadelphia, $Recommended)


  1. I'm obsessed about the pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place myself...

  2. this place has been on my list of must-trys for too long. i think this week is the week!