Monday, December 15, 2008

Doubletree Cookies

I had the chance to stay at a Doubletree Hotel recently and discovered that they provide a complimentary chocolate chip cookie when you check in. According to their official cookie website (wow, don't get to say that often),, they started doing this during the 1980's when there was a trend to give away cookies to VIPs. Nowadays, they give out more than 10 million cookies every year.

I suspect just the welcome surprise of getting a warmed up chocolate chip cookie when you arrive tired from your travels is enough to give most hotel-goers a warm and fuzzy feeling. I of course was pleasantly surprised and put in better spirits by the cookie, but then again I'd probably advocate for free cookies to be given away everywhere: libraries, taxis, strip clubs, etc.

Well, that is, unless they're utter crap. And since it's Doubletree, they can't exactly give away generic store brand cookies or it would ruin their brand-name.

So how was the cookie?

It would best be described as a slightly better than the average comfort-cookie. The sweetness of their chocolate chips and brown sugar was the most prevalent and upfront flavor. In fact, there was something very familiar about the taste of the chocolate, which reminded me a lot of Tollhouse chocolate chips.

The better than average part of the cookies came from the walnuts and the oats(!), which gave the cookie a more mature and sophisticated taste. All in all, it wasn't a bad cookie per se. There are certainly better cookies out there, such that I would never order these cookies online; however, given the context of pleasing a variety of diverse Doubletree customers, it's certainly a fitting cookie.

Score: 7.0

Doubletree cookies
Doubletree Hotel

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