Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Andro's Sweets & Treats : Philadelphia

I love the name of this place: Andro's Sweets & Treats. It's a small dessert & pastry shop on the corner of 21st and Pine St.

It seemed that the philosophy at this place was that a cookie were just another type of pastry. All of their cookies (they only had chocolate chip and ginger snaps) were small and sold by the pound. I ended up picking up a few chocolate chip and ginger snap cookies and a pear tart on the recommendation of the lady behind the counter.

(I'm not sure why, but I got a little food porny on these cookies.)

Look at the bottom of the above photo. There's a tiny heart in my cookie! I swear, I did not photoshop that into the photo.

The rich buttery taste of the cookie and the small size contributed to the pastry-like feel of the cookie. For me, it was a switch in mentality eating these cookies, from cookie-monster "omm nomm nomm nomm cookie!" mode to a more refined "it is time to snack on some delectable cookies whilest having our afternoon tea" mode. I'm not saying one mode is particularly better than the other; however, if I were needing a comfort-food cookie or a satisfying substantial mouthful of chocolate and cookie, this would not be the right cookie for that mood.

Rather, this would be more appropriate for bringing to a dinner party. More specifically, if you're just looking for a high quality cookie and have other priorities besides impressing others with very memorable cookies, these would be the ones for you. They have a high enough quality and balance that I think nearly everyone would enjoy them. However, they do run a little expensive and for the price, they did not particularly jump out at me in their uniqueness. i.e. These cookies are not going to bring someone down to their knees to exclaim "These are the best cookies I've ever had in my entire life!"

Not that I do that... Really.

I would use a similar description for both the ginger snap cookies (above) and the pear tart (below). They are fairly high quality. The pears-tart in particular had real pears chunks as well as had a very pear-like flavoring in the tart itself. But I didn't think it was anything to go ga-ga over.

All in all, I think the cookies and pastries were good enough for bringing to other people's houses or having at your own party, but if you're foodie, they're still a step below something that would really impress others.

Andro's Sweets & Treats
2056 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Map)
($cookies, $Philadelphia, $Dessert)

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