Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Philadelphia Battle of the Soft Pretzel Photos

Yeah, yeah, yeah, as you will see in a second, I'm terribly backlogged. But I think these photos are nice in that it shows a little bit of the personality of Philadelphia. They are from Philadelphia's Battle of the Soft Pretzel competition a little over a month ago, which was held in Philadelphia's Independence Visitor Center (which also hosts the tours of the Liberty Bell).

I'm not sure how the judges made their decision, as I was quite pretzel'd out by the time I had tried all of the stands' respectives submissions. This year, for the first time, a non-Philadelphia pretzel business won the competition.

(And just fyi, I stumbled upon this even through Uwishunu, which I'll have to check out more frequently to find out about these local quirky events.)


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  2. Very cool site! I used to work at Federal Pretzel - they just closed down. Check out my blog - Philadelphia and Food related: