Thursday, October 30, 2008

Minor redesign

I'm in the middle of a minor redesign of my blog. It's funny; like clockwork, everytime I get stressed (or drunk), I get in the creative/restless mood. I've been experimenting with new images for my media and travel blogs, but haven't quite come up with something satisfactory for this one just yet.

Anyways, these days I've been just poking around different blogs to get some inspiration and I thought I would point out some websites, which are striking or visually unique in some manner:

Sylvia Loh - This site was on a top 10 blog design list and I thought its lack of boxiness and color scheme were quite nice. - As popular as Google is, Microsoft's search engine maintains a balance of professionalism and visual style.

Cho-Tabetai - This is one of the more well designed food blogs I've seen as of yet.

Pioneer Woman - An entertaining blogger who happens to have a cooking section for her blog and also happens to have a decent looking blog.

Food Porn Daily - Is it getting hot in here? This is like food porn's equivalent of Playboy Magazine's centerfold.

Along the lines of food porn, I'm also trying to improve on my horrible photography abilities. Foodgawker has a list of references for improving food photography. In particular, I thought Use Real Butter's tips was useful for those like me who aren't and don't aspire to be uber photography geeks.

Anyways, anyone have any particular websites or food photos that they think are particularly beautiful?

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