Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Dog : Philadelphia

**Edit Aug 1, 2009** Upon a recommendation from an anonymous commenter, I tried out Good Dog's traditional burger and I must say that I enjoyed it more than their much-praised "Good Dog" burger and the Loie burgers. You've got a nice, juicy, beef patty with noticeably great-quality beef with a decent brioche bun (that is more or less secondary in flavor) and a mix of regular and sweet potato fries. I still think the Rouge 98 burger is great, but with this, you get a more laid back atmosphere and a cheaper price.

Good Dog reminded me of my days in Boston, since it would fit right in in Cambridge. Combine a dog theme + an ironic, hipster indie-rocker scene + a local bar/restaurant and you've got Good Dog.

I yoinked this picture from their Myspace page (Yeah, they have a Myspace page) to demonstrate my point. It's of their bathroom signs:

The difference between this place and similar bars in Boston, however, is the quality of the food. It's not just random grilled and fried comfort food that you'll put up with since it's your regular bar, but it's solid, thoughtful meals that just happen to be served at a your favorite dark, loud and personable bar around the corner.

I wouldn't go so far as to call out any of the food here as my favorite of this fair city (unlike a certain Craig Laban who likes their burgers), but I can certainly see why people have strong feelings about the food.

The signature Good Dog burger had nicely buttered and soft textured buns, with a tasty patty.

And the duck pot pie, while I would have liked to see more gravy and it to be thicker, the pie was tasty and comforting.

I'm not so sure I was as big of a fan of the personality of the bar as I would have been a few years ago, but if certain Boston friends came to visit to see what Philadelphia is all about, this might my go-to place to show them.

Good Dog Bar
224 S 15th St Philadelphia, PA 19102 (map)
(215) 985-9600, Myspace
Chowhound | Yelp
($Burgers / Hot Dogs, $Philadelphia)

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