Monday, October 13, 2008

Cosi Cookies

Tasting the cookies at Cosi may seem a bit strange. But I was surprised to find that the food there was surprisingly not bad. As a result, I was more receptive to seeing whether this meant they made or selected decent cookies as well.

The short answer is no. I suppose the fact that they kept their cookies in their open fridge next to their drinks was a dead giveaway, but I guess I have a bit of the stupid-character-in-a-horror-movie-who-looks-behind-the-door-out-of-curiosity-and-gets-killed-itis.

So just how bad are these cookies?

They're like the terrible generic-brand versions of cookies. The chocolate chip cookie was particularly soulless, with bland milk chocolate slapped together with a over-processed yet completely gouge-your-eyes-out dull cookie batter.

The oatmeal raisin cookie tasted like cardboard with if the smell of the spice section in a discount store had a taste: a life-less spice taste.


Score: 3.5/10.0

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