Tuesday, September 09, 2008

'O My Dawg : Oakland CA

Yes, the odds are tough for new restaurant owners, but perhaps that's why we customers like to root for small restauranteurs, armed with only passion and enthusiasm.

And if there's one thing, 'O My Dawg has in boatloads, it's enthusiasm. I mean look at that happy sausage with his styling crown and dance shoes:
My friend and I had just returned from 1 1/2 hours of kayaking on the Oakland estiary and were wandering around, looking for a small quick bite to eat, when a guy fortuitously hands us a flyer for 'O My Dawg and points us in its direction, telling us that it's newly opened.

As its name implies, 'O My Dawg specializes in sausages. They have a selection of nine sausages and just judging from the menu with things like Fritz (fries) and dips, Currywurst and Poutine, it seems like they're going for a slightly German/European influenced selection.
We put in our order and the guy who handed us the flyer returned to cook up our sausages and fries. It turns out he's the co-owner/cook. Hooray for scrappy entrepreneurism.

I would describe the food here as cooked with love. The sausages (a skinny - all beef wiener/frankfurter and Da Brat - bratwurst, all pork) were nothing extraordinary per se, but with the attention the cook obviously gave, it felt like eating a meal at a someone's home. The fritz (fries) and accompanying dips also had that interesting home-style experimental feel to them. We ordered the Green Hornet dip, composed of parsley and wasabi, which was okay, tasting mostly of parsley and very little wasabi, as well as the Curious George, a curry ketchup, which was pretty decent in an Americanized curry mix kind of way.

To our surprise, as we were munching away, the cook stops by our bench and pushes a side of poutine our way, free of charge. Poutine is just fries with gravy and cheese, which sounds disgusting when you first hear about it, but this was actually our favorite of the meal.

A few minutes later, the guy stops by again, this time with a Currywurst, bratwurst with curry and gravy. Perhaps it's because I've never been to Germany and had the real stuff, but it seemed something was slightly lost in translation. The curry didnt' quite mesh with the spiciness of the sausage. But umm, it's hard to be critical when you get unexpected free food.

And a few minutes later, he stops by yet again with an Andy, a anduille sausage, which was decent, but by this point, we were getting a bit full and I personally was getting a bit nervous that I'd be eating all of this guy's profits if I hadn't already.

All in all, I appreciate the scrappiness that these restaurant owners are showing and the enthusiasm they have towards sharing European foods. While the food seems slightly Americanized, who knows, this might be necessary to succeed given its location. In any case, I wish the best of success to this budding business.

PS. Looks like I'm not the only one with such an experience here: Yelp Comments

'O My Dawg
463 2nd St. Oakland CA (map)
Yelp | Chowhound
($Berkeley, Burgers / Hot Dogs)

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