Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flying Fish Grill : Half Moon Bay

Having grown up in New England, after visiting a beach, I'm used to a) being mysteriously but consistently hungry afterwards (perhaps it's the salt water in the air?) and b) stopping at any one of the nearby greasy deep-fried seafood shacks.

Bumming around the beaches around Half Moon Bay (Google Images), it didn't quite seem like they had that tradition there. While they did have local seafood restaurants, they were more into the lighter fresh-ingredient fare at sit-down restaurants.

Which was a bit of a letdown. Obviously, I've been somewhat conditioned to expect certain heavier foods, so that was partially the reason for my disappointment. But I think another perspective is that it's a lot easier to make tasty deep-fryed seafood dish than it is to make a satisfying grilled/steamed/whatever seafood dish.

Which was my main issue with at the Flying Fish Grill.

Fish Ceviche (in a taco shell[!]). I think this was representative of what I felt about all of the dishes. It was light in texture, but overly light in flavor, as if the chefs couldn't fathom that lightness/healthiness could coexist with flavor. My joy in eating ceviche is that real lime kick. I mean the fish in ceviche is technically "cooked" in lime afterall. (See Wikipedia if you don't know what I'm talking about). But this was more like steamed fish with a sprinkle of lime.

Grill Salmon with some sweet sauce - Again, this wasn't bad per se, but the dish doesn't taste like it's made with heart. Filling, but not satisfying.

Trout (?) - My dad ordered this and enjoyed it, I suspect because it was cooked naked. I thought this was decently cooked texture-wise, but again naked does not have to be so light on flavor.

Fish taco - The fish in the fish taco was surprisingly deep-fried, but still somehow managed to excite more than two of my taste-buds.

Overall, eating these dishes felt like eating some of my early "health-conscious" forays into cooking. Essentially the dishes felt like the cooks hadn't quite immersed themselves in how spices and sauces work and how they can be used and manipulated to make healthy and light dishes, while still maintaining a satisfying and tasty element.

Flying Fish Grill
99 San Mateo Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (Map)
(650) 712-1125
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