Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eva's Hawaiian Cafe: San Francisco

Now I suppose on a cheery day, brightly painted walls with large photographs of attractive Hawaiian hula dancers might get some points in my book.

But when I'm hungry, not so much. Especially when the food seems like it's bought from a convenience store.

Coconut Jello - Seriously, can't you even take a knife and chop off the top, so it doesn't resemble the bottom of the plastic cup that it came from?

Strawberry & Mango Mochi - Our waitress told us that we should wait for 10 minutes to let these things defrost from their permafrost state.

Chicken katsu & Special sauce - Actually decently fried and semi-tasty in a fast food type of way. Together with their special sauce, which tasted like a sweet-and-sour/barbecue sauce, I could see young whippersnapper high schoolers being okay with this type of food. (Actually that's consistent with the desserts as well)

Mango Smoothie - Your standard smoothie.

Blah de blah de blah. My mind has already skipped on to the next restaurant on my backlog list.

Eva's Hawaiian Cafe
731 Clement St San Francisco CA 94118 (map)
Yelp | Chowhound
($Dessert, $SF)

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