Friday, August 22, 2008

Turkish Kitchen : Berkeley

My family and I were going to be in the Berkeley area, since we wanted to go on the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory tour (which was quite worth it). As I was rushed for time, I quickly perused through Chowhound, saw a recommendation for Turkish Kitchen and suggested it for dinner.

I wish I had seen this Chowhound thread beforehand, as we had a similar mediocre to not-so-great experience with their food. I should mention, however, that if I still had the same inexperienced palette that I had as a college student, I could see this place as being acceptable. As things are, not so much.

Ayran - Yogurt drink fairly similar to an Indian salty lassi. Shrug, nothing that special.

Turkish tea - Liked this. I vaguely recall a strong singular taste (perhaps mint?)

Tripe Soup - I'm used to eating tripe at dimsum, but there it is usually accompanied with a fairly strong flavored sauce and is cooked until it has a fairly solid (as solid as tripe can get) texture. This tripe was just pretty ick-inducing. The soup reminded me of the scent of the ocean; not the smell one mile away from the beach, where you know you are near the ocean, but rather the scent near a pier, barnicles, kelp, sea creatures and salty-water. Obviously, nowhere near that extreme, but the texture of the tripe didn't help either. It was just limp and semi-slimy, reminding me of the texture of raw jellyfish or oysters. Really not a fan.

Stuffed eggplant (meat and veggies) - My Dad thought this was okay, although I think it was the simplest, mostly having a tomato flavor.

Lamb and beef doner - Combination of beef sirloin and lamb spiced and roasted on a vertical spitfire and thinly sliced. This and my dish below were generic and utterly forgetable.

Grilled kofte - Ground beef patties with spices

Chicken beyti - Ground chicken wrapped in lavash, served with special sauce, yogurt and butter. My Mom didn't like this, enough that she didn't come half-way close to finishing. I wasn't that big a fan either.

Friends tell me that Berkeley has some pretty decent restaurants. I really wouldn't say this is one of them.

Turkish Kitchen
1986 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley CA (map)
Yelp Chowhound
($Berkeley, $Mediterranean / Middle Eastern, $SF)

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