Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speederia : San Carlos

Speederia does New York style pizza in San Carlos. You've got the nice uber thin crust and thin layer of toppings as you can see in this so-not-appealing picture.

There are some folk on Chowhound (One week in San Carlos and Good Chow in San Carlos) who claim that Speederia makes the best pizza on the SF peninsula.


While I haven't been around the area enough to dispute that claim, I must say that if that statement is true, then the pizza scene on SF peninsula is in a sad sad state. Not that Speederia pizza is bad; it's decent. The crust is nice and crunchy and the toppings are tasty, but the slice is certainly not that unique and if it was located in other more uhh pizza-centric locations, I don't think it would be anything other than just another pizza shop on the corner.

I'd file this in as another one of those "if you're already in the area" type places...

711 Laurel St San Carlos, CA 94070 (Map)
(650) 591-9115‎
Yelp | Chowhound

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