Tuesday, August 12, 2008

San Francisco Area Dimsum summary

Oh boy, here we go. I've been trying to figure out: where should I go for dimsum if I'm willing to travel in SF?

Koi Palace overwhelmingly gets mentioned as the place to beat. But after that, it seems people get up in arms about what's next best (or comparable to Koi).
Koi Palace vs HK Flower Lounge
Top Notch Dim Sum? - More broad comparison of dimsum places to those in Vancouver (and even to LA), getting into some social and historical reasoning for why certain places have good dimsum
Best Dimsum in SF - An implicit consensus that Koi Palace is the place to beat, but the equivalent of an online food-geek fist-fight over the runner up in SF proper.
Gridskipper - a random blogger's top 6. This includes a number of places mentioned in the above amusing thread.

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