Monday, August 18, 2008

Quickly : San Jose

According to Wikipedia, Quickly (快可立)is apparently a Taiwanese franchise that initially started out with bubble tea and has since expanded their offerings to include Asian snacks and frozen yogurt similar to Pinkberry.

I was most curious about their frozen yogurt, so proceeded to order a small with what's becoming my standard toppings: strawberry and mochi. It's not bad - it's like a conservative knock-off of Pinkberry's signature tart taste. For those with more conservative tastes, this might be a more safe introduction to the new frozen yogurt trend. For what it's worth, my Dad rather liked it.

I'm not sure why it came out orange in this picture, but we also ordered the watermelon juice, which was decent.

Finally, we couldn't resist ordering the egg-puffs, which turned out to be just okay. I think I'm more used to the thick cakey/pancakey batter of a place in Boston, so these seemed a bit too hollow (litterally, there was air in the middle) and quick-mix tasting to me.

Shrug, I can see Quickly being a hang-out for the younger crowd, who's demand for taste is much less than their demand for a place to hang out with fast-food snacks/drinks. It's not bad, but it's just not all that memorable.

540 Barber Ln Milpitas, CA, 95035 (Ranch 99 plaza, Map)
(408) 922-3982
A bunch of locations in the SF area
($Chinese, $Dessert, $San Jose, $SF)

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