Thursday, August 07, 2008

Joe's Ice Cream : San Francisco

I'm a bit torn. I like to support cute mom-and-pop shops and Joe's Ice Cream can definitely be described as that. In addition, in such an over-priced town as San Francisco and in an era with so many "premium" ice cream shops, hocking their expensive overly-descriptive home-made, organic, no-MSG, hormone-free, not-from-concentrate ice cream, Joe's Ice Cream is refreshingly old-school, simple and cheap.

That being said, I didn't think that their ice cream was all that great. My main issue was with their pistachio ice cream, which tasted like artificial pistachio flavoring. Seriously, I mean really? The Rum raisin did taste like it had rum in it, but I can't say that it was anything to get the pigs squealing for.

So I'm going to resolve my tension by saying the following. San Francisco is apparently obsessed with ice cream. People get their knickers in a knot over places like: Mitchell's (Yelp, admittedly pretty good), Bi-Rite Creamery, (yelp), Ici (yelp). I imagine that those places are destination ice cream shops. As in if you're really into ice cream, I'd go to those places. But if you just happen to be in the area with some friends, check out Joe's.

Joe's Ice Cream
5351 Geary Blvd San Francisco, CA 94121 (map)
(415) 751-1950
($Dessert, $SF)

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