Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Eastern Seafood Restaurant : San Francisco

My dad somehow knew about this place and I must admit I had my doubts. While there are a few Asian places around this area, the neighborhood is far from an Asian hotbed of activity and in general, I wouldn't exactly call it a bustling area either. In addition, Eastern Seafood Restaurant, with a tree covering its name, its older faded reed awning and a very average interior, didn't really promise much on first glance either.

But as dish after dish came out, it became apparent that this place served pretty solid dimsum, albeit nothing innovative, but all done in a simple but presentable manner. My only complain might be the grease levels of the chicken feet and garlic chive dumplings were a bit much, but besides that, these were pretty tasty.

Duck Tongue (Ngop Lei)

Chicken Feet (Feng Jiao)

Sticky Rice (Jun Ji Guy)

Vegetarian Tofu curds with Mushrooms

Beef Rice Rolls (ngow cheurng)

Garlic Chive dumplings (Gao choy gao)

Tofu Dessert (Doy Foo Fa)

The Spread

Eastern Seafood Restaurant
5322 Geary Blvd San Francisco, CA 94121 (Map)
(415) 386-8818
Yelp | Chowhound
($Brunch, $Chinese, $SF)

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