Friday, August 15, 2008

Blue Sky : Belmont

I came home last night slightly buzzed and in a creative mood. This ended up translating in a cute and bright blog image. Perhaps it's a bit too bombastic for my own good, but it's a nice change-up from my more somewhat staid previous foodporn images.

I figure I can't celebrate a new image with a frustrated, bitter post about some not-so-great restaurant, so I'm skipping ahead to a nearby place that I rather enjoyed.

The place is called Blue Sky. It serves home-style Cantonese dishes and if I weren't in the area for 3 months and on a hunt to try as many different restaurants as possible, I would be a regular, ordering away in my mangled Cantonese.

I based my order on the chowhound thread that I originally found this place through.

Wonton noodle soup - A very decent version of this. Very solid (home-made) wontons, noodles and a broth. I certainly can't complain about this.

Salt-spice shrimp (jiu yeem ha) - I really liked this version of this dish. Now that I think back on other versions of this, I suspect that other restaurants might add MSG to their spice, but here it was a refreshingly home-style spice combination and the shrimp were obviously fresh. Yum, I like it.

Apologies for the dark picture - I always seem to be out of the house, when it's close to restaurants' closing time.

A random picture of one of the Chinese menus on the wall. This is pretty standard practice for the authentic casual Cantonese Chinese places.

1625 El Camino Real Belmont, CA 94002(map)
(650) 595-0228
(This is a bit hard to find. It's in a small plaza across the street from the Subway, Papa Murphy's & Holiday Inn Express)
Yelp | chowhound
($Chinese, $San Mateo)

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