Friday, July 11, 2008

Oola : San Francisco

So this is from ages ago and I'm slowly digging myself out of the blogger deliquency hole that I've been in of late.

I went to a restaurant called Oola (what a name right?) with an old friend during San Francisco's Dine about Town week (i.e. Restaurant Week) in June. It's a small and cozy place, with modern decor and a hint of quirkiness, which apparently is very much a San Franciscoan (on? oen?) thing.

Strangely enough for a standard American/Californian place, they had Pisco Sours on their drink menu that night. (For those who don't know, Pisco is a pretty hard liquor made in Peru [Wikipedia] and Pisco Sours are the most common cocktail made with pisco.) Here's a picture courtesy of a website,, which I'll have to check out in more detail later:

My friend had just come back from a trip to Peru and I myself had visited Peru a few years ago, so we start off the night with a couple of those. They end up being sugary, without much of the hard alcohol pisco punch and just not very good, so umm if you're curious I'd try somewhere else. Like Peru.

Ha, I kid. I'm sure some of the Peruvian places in Hartford have Pisco Sours. And I'll let you know if I find some decent Peruvian places around these parts.

Anyways, onto the meal. The Dine About Town menu had two choices for each course and we ended up ordering both choices and splitting them.

Soup du jour: My memory's fading, but I believe this was a carrot soup. Nice and creamy, the carrot flavoring not too overwhelming. Not bad.

Roasted Beets and Watermelon Salad: Watercress, pistachios, goat cheese and a thyme vinaigrette. I've never had watermelon in a salad and it certainly was interesting, but I don't think the salad was anything to write Mom about.

Grilled Fillet of Salmon: cherry tomato-chive butter sauce, fennel confit and olive tapanade. Both of the entrees were decent and were very light. The salmon was nicely cooked, although the flavoring wasn't all that strong.

Roasted Organic Chicken Breast “under a brick”: braised leeks with bacon, juniper berries and champagne vinegar. This was nice, the juniper berries lending a nice tang and you can never go wrong with bacon. My only problems with the two entrees was that they weren't that memorable - there was no personality or muscle behind the sauces and flavoring.

Mousse??: This was strangely a mousse that if you're Chinese/Taiwanese, may remind you of the taste of a cough syrup (Wikipedia). The cough syrup tastes good, but probably isn't what you want a dessert to taste like.

Peppermint pudding chocolate cake . Mediocre. The choco cake wasn't anything special and neither was the peppermint pudding. We were both a bit surprised that both of the Dine about Town desserts were fairly rich, not a very great pairing.

All in all, I'd have to say that the quality of the food was very decent, but I doubt I'd go here again. The dishes were just too light, both in flavor and in size, not really making for a dining experience that satisfies your palate and your stomach.

860 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94107 |
Yelp: Oola (Apparently all SF'ers 'Yelp' their restaurants)

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