Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chez Mayflower : San Jose

Not to be confused with the more upscale Chinese Mayflower Restaurant, Mayflower Cafe is a uber casual restaurant that is geared towards quicker, more everyday rice and noodle meals. It's located in the Milpitas Ranch 99 area and for its intent, it's not bad.

Preserved Dry Duck Leg and Liver Sausage Rice in Clay Pot - I've had Chinese Pork sausage numerous times, but was curious about what liver sausage was. This wasn't bad - the liver sausage tasted almost homemade, but both the sausage and the duck were a bit on the dry side. Clay pot cooking is also quite challenging to cook, as demonstrated by some of the rice being burnt. (Note that after I had ordered, my Dad mentioned that this is generally a winter dish)

Chicken and Vegetable on Rice - While this is quite a plain name in English, this was actually decently done. The chicken tasted as if it had been marinated for a decent amount of time and was very tender. Texture-wise, the chicken and veggies were quite light and this just came across as a fairly healthy dish.

I'd say that if you worked/lived in the area and just were looking for a relatively inexpensive, quick place to eat, this would be more than satisfactory.

Chez Mayflower
416 Barber Ln Milpitas, CA (Map)
(408) 894-9171
($Chinese, $San Jose)

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