Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lenny & Joe's : Connecticut

Is it an unspoken rule that after you go to the beach, you have to go eat some deep fried seafood and have soft-serve ice cream afterward?

We had just spent a half-day at the lovely Hammonasset Beach at the southern part of Connecticut. There's something mystical about the beach. Perhaps it's the salty ocean water in the air, the sun beating down on you all day or the fact that you generally exercie a lot at the beach, but I'm always terrifically hungry afterwards. And specifically, I crave deep fried clams.

Anyways, we take leave of the beach and stop at the first seafood place we see, which happens to be the bustling and large Lenny & Joe's. They've picked a phenomenal location near the beach and they understand they're well-positioned to take advantage of that primal post-beach craving. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to the hungry beach-goer. Lenny & Joe's prices are high and their food is only mediocre.

The lobster in their lobster roll was over-cooked, over-buttered and didn't taste like the just-caught and just-steamed lobster that you should be able to get beach-side. The fried whole-belly oysters were better, but still a bit over-buttery and surprisingly didn't have a strong clam taste.

The only good thing going for the place was that they had plenty of outdoor seating (old school picnic tables) and they did have a pretty decent soft-serve ice-cream booth.

So I guess my recommendation would be if you're coming out of the beach nearby, try as hard as you can to resist the urge to stop here for seafood and hunt for somewhere else where they are more focused on their food. Then when you're done, stop here afterwards for some ice cream.

Lenny & Joe's
1301 Boston Post Rd Madison, CT 06443 (Map)
(203) 245-7289
($Burgers / Hot Dogs, $Connecticut, $Seafood)

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