Friday, June 06, 2008

Joe's Pizza : Philadelphia

After the recent gems of Hartford restaurants, writing about Joe's Pizza is a bit of a come-down. It's not that Joe's pizza was bad; in fact, it was quite decent and might find its own little place in my restaurant portfolio.

But let's just say you've been digging through a huge flea market and you've just had 3 sexy finds: a brilliant piece of jewelry for your s.o., an elegant watch for yourself and ohh, a classy dining table that matches your refined modern apartment. And then you find a nice, well-crafted pencil-box. You end up buying that because you like it also, but when you think about your day, your mind is drawn to the bigger ticket, more visible items.

Just for reference, here's a picture of a pencil box I found on the web:

That's how I'm seeing Joe's Pizza right now. I ordered a pork sausage pizza and it was a visible step above the average city pizza places. Most noticeable was that the sausage was not some Z-grade ground pork, but rather spiced and flavorful sausage pieces. Secondly, straight out of the oven, the crust had a good crunch to it. And there was not an insignificant amount of tomato sauce which balanced out the crust.

However, this pizza wasn't mind-blowing and I'm pretty sure there are even better pizza places in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. For example, Tocconelli's Pizzeria and pizza at Osteria are both at the top of my to-try list. (Also see the Can Pizza Be Better in Burbs than Center City thread.) So I think this also contributes to my lackadaisical attitude to Joe's.

Anyways, if you live in the area and are looking for to find your go-to pizza shop, I would suggest you trying out this place.

Joe's Pizza
122 S 16th St Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 569-0898

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