Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frulatti Cafe & Bakery Cookies : Dallas

Marketing and conditioning are strange beasts. Sometimes they provide you with the correct instincts for predicting the quality of restaurants and food.

And then sometimes, they can be completely wrong.

For instance, take a look at Frullati Cafe & Bakery's Website. Look at the picture on the front page:

It looks as unappealing as one of those catered lunches at miserable "Office Space"-esque corporate conferences.

Secondly, I must admit that coming from the Northeast, I come laden with tons o' stereotypes of Texas. Good food, besides ribs and meat and umm meat and umm meat, doesn't really match those stereotype in my head. (Okay, I'd probably give them Mexican as well)

Finally, airport food? That's generally been the bum of the bums: expensive, slow, greasy, crap on your tongue stuff. (Minus my very recent experience with Chicago Midway's Manny's Deli)

Any guess for what I thought about the cookies at Frulatti Cafe & Bakery at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW)?

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Surprising, surprising, surprising.

The cookie was a very thin and chewy cookie. What makes it so surprising is that it comes off as cakey, fairly light and airy. Am I really in Texas? This was not a bad cookie.

What's slightly unusual about the cookie is the chocolate. It's a milk chocolate that has a subtle but very unexpected twist at the back-end: a taste that strangely reminded me of fish.

Now, I'm guessing that most would wrinkle their nose at the thought of this taste combination: chocolate chip cookie and fish. But I must say that while it wasn't astounding, I can't say that it was bad. And it certainly made for an thoughtful cookie eating experience.


Oatmeal Raisin

The texture of the oatmeal raisin... butter.

Comparing it to the choco chip... butter.



Perhaps the oatmeal raisin cookie didn't have egregious amounts of butter in it, but anytime I came within a 3 foot radius of the thing, I would get tremendous wafts of butter. And everytime, I tried to analyze its taste, the butter smell/taste? was just too much and I got nowhere. All I could think of was butter.

Texture-wise, the cookie was chewy and soft like the choco-chip cookie.

I suppose you could be a lot worse off emphasizing a different ingredient. I mean the cookie wasn't bad per se. But really, do I want to be eating a butter in cookie form with a few raisins thrown in? Not so much.


Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW)
Gate 22
Dallas, TX
($cookies, $Dallas)

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