Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cooking with Masao

Sambuca exotic fruit punch

This had me cracking up at work. I think it's all the more hilarious after having been exposed to so much food porn. I mean, what the f is up with the pile of randomness all over the kitchen (and bathroom)? And is that a Vick's Vapor Rub container on the stove? Seriously, wtf?
What's kind of interesting about this dude is that I kept on waiting for the inevitable outrageous moment, where you know for sure it's a joke, but it never arrives.

Does anyone know more about this masao character? A youtube comment traces him back to a hockey forum website, HFBoards. Commenters on Mefi had the same reaction as me: some laughting because it's funny as all hell, but others somewhat serious/nervous as it's not absolutely clear that it's a joke.

Torta di ceci - I don't think he put enough oil in the pan.

"Grilling sausages" (Be sure to check out 7:40 and god, that's a frickn disgusting toilet)


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