Monday, June 30, 2008

Chuck Wagon : San Jose

I grabbed some food while bumming around at the San Jose Flea Market (Official Website). I think I've been a bit spoiled by the Reading Terminal Market in Phili, as it plays its dual role quite very well. Not only is it an interesting tourist attraction, but it also acts as a legitimate place for foodie locals to go grab some damn fine food.

And I assumed that the San Jose Flea Market would be the same for well, sort of semi valid reasons: 1) they sell cheap fresh fruits, produce and spices there and 2) there's a really large Mexican population there. I mean, don't non-American cultures generally care more about simple decent food than us?

Yes, yes, you're looking at the picture and thinking "dude, the hell you talking about? Ribs aren't Mexican."

"Also, did you put your tray on a blue screen, so you can add cheezy background effects to it?"

Crap, you've got sharp eyes.

My thinking was "damn those ribs smoking outside looked fantastic." And well, ribs from Texas could have been co-opted by Mexicans on the border, so it wasn't that far off from Mexican.

Anyhow, the ribs were terribly mediocre. They tasted like they had been painted with some generic barbecue sauce, the beans like some refried beans from a can and the garlic bread like stuff they would serve at Denny's.

Hmm. I guess at least I got some entertainment out of photoshopping the pictures... (Note: this shouldn't take away from the San Jose Flea Market, which is a pretty cool place to visit.)

Chuck Wagon @ San Jose Flea Market
"9th and Main St"
1590 Berryessa Rd., San Jose, Ca 95133
($Burgers / Hot Dogs, $San Jose)

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