Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ceramic knives = love?

My mom always mentioned that a cook's most important tool is their knife. I've a Kitchen Aid 7" Santoku at home, which isn't an uber-quality knife, but is well-balanced and has served me very well.

I'm now subletting a place in the Bay area from a lovely couple, one of whom happens to be into cooking and has all sorts of interesting cooking equipment, including this 7" Kyocera ceramic knife:

I totally dig it. It's terrifically sharp, cutting cleanly into tomatoes as well as meat. It's lightweight and easy to clean. The only drawback about the ceramic is that you have to be careful not to flex the blade; it snaps easily with shear forces.

(I guess I shouldn't be too surprised to really dig the knife. It's also recommended by a certain Ming Tsai, of Blue Ginger in Wellesley, MA.)

Anyone else have one of these babies in their homes? I'm thinking of picking up one at the end of the summer.


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  1. I have two of these ... they're actually quite cheap from japan.. maybe 20-30 US? you can get them at those stores that sell everything, like a superstore. 2 years now and still sharp, my roomie actually almost sliced her thumb off.. so be careful!