Thursday, May 22, 2008

Somewhere in Bangkok : Hartford

The name, Somewhere in Bangkok, invokes the thought of movies for me. Something jazzy, film noir or spyish perhaps. And the restaurant's website, actually has a soundtrack that really fits what I imagine just from its name. Go on ahead and click there, so we can have lovely background music while to accompany my review. (Btw, they have a pretty slick website.)

Ready? You have that mental picture of a slightly darkened, good-for-a-date type place in your head?

Okay. Somewhere in Bangkok doesn't quite reach that. Not that it's not nice inside: the decor is colorful and tasteful and they have great background music. But it just doesn't match how romantic and stylish it could be. More pressingly, neither does the food.

I see Somewhere in Bangkok as being stuck in the middle of two places. Its food is rooted in the more homey/cozy King & I, from where the wait-staff and chef came. However, its name, website and decor really point more towards Hot Basil, which has a ghetto website and exterior, but whose classy romantic interior and food, may be what Somewhere in Bangkok is aspiring to be. Sadly, the food, while decent, doesn't quite match those in either extremes.

Tom Yum Somewhere (Hot and sour soup w/ shrimp, milk, mushrooms, tomato, peppers and herbs) - While nice and warm, I wish the flavors could have been more vibrant: more hot spicyness, more sour and more herbs, please.

Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles), Beef - Fairly tender beef and a subtle taste of something I couldn't place, but which set it apart from more standard Pad Kee Mao.

Basil Fried Rice, Tofu - Not bad. Tofu was probably fried earlier.

Basil Eggplant - Also not bad.

On the whole, the dishes were decent. I definitely like the fact that our three dishes had three distinct sauces and tastes which distinguishes Somewhere in Bangkok from the average Thai restaurant. I also liked the fact that the dishes were lighter on the oil and less greasy than your average Thai place. However, I still think that its parent restaurant, the King & I, and Hot Basil have better food and are closer to Hartford for that matter.

But who knows, Somewhere in Bangkok is fairly new and perhaps is still finding its own feet.

Somewhere in Bangkok
1103 Queen St. Southington CT. 06489 (Map)
($Connecticut, $Hartford, $Thai)

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  1. Thai Angel in South Glastonbury is REALLY great thai food!!