Friday, May 23, 2008

Snow White's Diner : Philadelphia

So everytime I walk by Snow White's Diner, I see this poster of a cross-section of a scrumptious looking burger, complete with butter toasted bun and juicy beef patty and I think to myself "now there's a place that's serious about its burgers." And I'm kicking myself now for not having taken a picture of the poster, so I could show you the picture of a fine looking burger. But I think this video should be a good substitute:

Okay, so that obviously had nothing to do with the poster.

Anyways moving on.

I decide to give Snow White a shot. Inside, they have the decor of a standard old 1950'esque American diner: bar stools, chrome on their counter, old-school lighting, etc, etc. So I'm feeling the flow and decide to order myself some Peking duck, sake bombs and a side of baklava to shake things up.

I'm kidding. I order a cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla shake.

But my comment of internationalization isn't too off. For all the American diner glory of the decor, the counter is run by three Asian (American?) women. And while you can't order the dishes I mentioned (the menu is still in line with the all American diner), there is a considerably different vibe with those ladies behind the counter. A very grounded, but happier vibe.

In fact, one of the other staff members came from the back with headphones on and was bopping to beat of the music while taking out the trash. Seriously.

And getting to the point of food. While my burger looked nothing like that scrumptious burger in the poster:

and really was just a decent, but not extraordinary burger, the happy vibe of the place made for a bright dining experience. To top things off, the milkshake was delicious. A great blend of cremy ice-cream yumminess.

If you need a lift to your day, check out Snow White's Diner.

Snow White's Diner
1901 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA 19103
($Burgers / Hot Dogs, $Philadelphia)

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