Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tavern on Jane : New York

We were on our way elsewhere, but our hungry stomachs were not in the mood to negotiate. As a result, we stopped at Tavern at Jane for brunch.

So we ended up ordering about the same thing: essentially eggs benedict. Except one was with smoked trout and one was with crab cake. See how similar they look? (Sorry, there was really dim lighting)

Fyi, the mound of brown stuff is home-fries.

After the previous day's brunch at Marseille, this was going to be a let-down. But even without that comparison, it just wasn't that great. The seafood was mediocrely cooked, the sauce was nothing special, the fruit wasn't that fresh and the home-fries were somewhat depressing. On top of that, the service wasn't all that friendly.

I'm a bit aghast at the overall positive reviews on Google maps. Either we came a bad time or those Google Maps reviewers have no bloody clue what they're talking about.

Tavern on Jane
31 8th Ave, New York, NY (Map)
(212) 675-2526‎
($Brunch, $NYC)

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