Sunday, April 06, 2008

Taqueria la Veracruzana : Philadelphia

My bro visited this past weekend and upon his insistence to try something uniquely Philadelphian, authentic, low-key, and relatively low-priced, we ended up picking a Mexican place near the Italian Market, called Taqueria la Veracruzana. The short review: las comidas alla son muy deliciosos. Here's the breakdown:

First, the tortilla chips. They came with two sauces, both of which we liked. The one on the right was a medium-spiced, limey/cilantro sauce and the one on the left was a hearty/sweet sauce, which I want to say was some mixture of squash, beans and/or carrots. (Hmm, I'm not sure if my brother was pinky-pointing at the cactus on the menu as a deliberately quirky background photo detail or not.)
They chips themselves were extremely oily, but tasty and crisp enough for me to disregard the puddles of oil on the wax paper while scrubbing around for the last remaining bits of chips.
Oh conundrum. We had brought a 6 pack of Negra Modelos, bought at the convenience store a couple stores down, but we also wanted to try the drinks there as well... so we ended up drinking both beers and drinks. I got the Sidral Mundet, which was a mix between cream soda and apple juice and done in a decently refreshing way.

My brother went for the Boing! Guayaba juice, which was refreshing, but not quite as natural as a Goya Nectar drink. But then again, a Goya drink doesn't have a drawing of a muscle-man drinking their juice on their can.

As for our entrees, I ended up ordering the Sopa de Camarones (Shrimp soup), which was quite delicious. It had a kick to it and was complemented well by the lime, cilantro and onion pieces that they served with it. The shrimp pieces were quite large and fresh, a benefit, I suspect of being so close to the Italian market.

I can't quite recall the name, (taquerias noreña or toreña?). Basically, it was make your own soft-tacos with: chicken, beef, Mexican sausage, cactus, cheese, shallots and some salsa. I apologize for the not so appetizing photo, but I assure you this hit the spot.

And here, I have a boring picture of the mini tortillas for the tacos.

I will say that the portions were deceptively large. We had gone to the gym beforehand and had worked up a healthy appetite. Yet we still couldn't make it through half of the tacos. We did manage to finish off the soup, but that we barely managed to do. Afterwards, I found myself doing the "Hey-slow-down-my-stomach-is-too-full-I-need-to-waddle" walk.

There are also recommendations on Chowhound for other Mexican places around the 9th and Washington Ave intersectino, such as Taquito de Pobla, Lalupe and Plaza Garibaldi. But I have a feeling I'll be returning to Taqueria la Veracruzana once again.

Taqueria la Veracruzana
908 Washington Ave, Philadelphia 19147
Phone: 215-465-1440


  1. TlV is my absolute favorite mexican restaurant in the city. i have been to countless other ones, but this was my first and other places still can't beat it. El Jarocho on 13th and Ellsworth is ALMOST equally delicious, and the prices are comparable.

    Also worth mentioning, Veracruzana and El Jarocho deliver! And promptly at that.

  2. Oh man, they deliver? I'm going to be getting Mexican food more often now.