Monday, April 07, 2008

Side Walk Sweet House : Philadelphia

Just a quickie today. I've been on the hunt for zongzi in Phili and my first find was at a place called Side Walk Sweet House in Chinatown.

For those of you who have no bloody clue what I'm talking about, zongzi is glutinous rice filled with varying fillings and cooked in bamboo leaves. (For more details, Wikipedia gives the 1000 foot high view). I'm used to zongzi, which has green beans, a few pieces of fatty pork, chinese sausage and if I'm lucky, a salted egg yolk. My grandmother makes absolutely fantastic zongzi, but as she lives in Hong Kong and doesn't cook as much these days, so I haven't had her version in a long time.

In any case, the zongzi here was okay. It had peanuts and a piece of pork inside. Perhaps it's different because this place was Vietnamese, but I found it somewhat plain. There was neither a strong peanut taste nor a strong pork taste.

Oh well, by adding my family's usual sauce (Seafood soy sauce and sesame oil), I was able to fulfill my cravings.

But I suspect, like a vampire, my cravings will return with greater force and I will need to feed once again. Ah ha ha ha! (Sorry, I'm drinking one of my leftover Negra Modelos...)

Side Walk Sweet House
148 N. 10th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 (map)
($Chinese, $Philadelphia)

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