Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Microwave Cooking

I generally only use my microwave to defrost or reheat. Perhaps it's because I'm still fairly new to cooking (~4 years or so), but I find it somewhat relaxing to be at the stove/oven/whatever watching over my food. Plus, since I have the tendency to forget that I'm cooking something if I'm not in the kitchen, I'm not sure if the microwave's push-button and go-for-a-walk work flow really works for me.

In this respect, my parents turn out to be more progressive than me. My Dad uses the microwave fairly regularly, cooking fish and vegetables in it. My Mom uses it less, but does so for potatoes and yams.

So I find it really interesting that the NYTimes has two articles on microwave cooking:
The Minimalist's article / his readers' comments
NYTimes Harold McGee's Article

Is the microwave due for wide-spread acceptance as an appliance for modern cooking? (And no, microwave dinners don't count, you wise-guy.)

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