Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Marseilles : New York

My gf has a new favorite place in NY. And I thought it was quite solid as well. It's called Marseille and its food is "inspired by its namesake French port city, a cultural melting pot that is France's gateway to the Mediterranean."

There were a few recommendations on Chowhound for Marseille and seeing as we were both coming into Port Authority on Saturday morning, it sounded like a good opportunity to try it out. We were far from disappointed.

I neglected to take pictures, but they give some pretty good rye bread and mini muffins to start with, served with some delicious butter. Now I'm not a butter person at all, but I must say I rather liked this butter. Not so much I want to sleep in a tub of this butter instead of my bed, but so much as I can see I like butter, this was it.

Anyways, my gf kicked it off with a grilled chicken sandwich, which was pretty decent. The most impressive part was the bread, which was light, airy and buttery, and made the sandwich significantly lighter than any chicken sandwiches I've had before. The grilled chicken, however, was so-so, a bit too salty and a touch on the dry side.

I sprang for the Eggs benedict, which was delicious. The eggs were poached as they should have been, but it was the sauce that was an absolute delight. I think if we still had had more slices of bread at that point, we would have mopped up the remaining sauce on my plate with them. Yeah, we're classy like that.

Finally, I ordered a side of ratatouille. Is this a common New York thing? Or did this just happen after the movie came out and kids (or adults) demanded to try the dish? Anyways, this was pretty good. It would have benefited from cooking even longer, but we polished it off without any complaints.

I should mention that service was fantastic as well, with our waiters (they switched in the middle of our meal) taking our order when we signaled we were ready and refilling our waters without our asking.

All in all, I'm pretty sure we'll return at some point.

630 9th Ave New York, NY 10036 (map)
(212) 333-2323
($Brunch, $French, $Mediterranean / Middle Eastern, $NYC, $Recommended)

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