Thursday, April 03, 2008

Le Bus Bakery : Philadelphia

Oh yummy goodness that are pastries:
These ones are from Le Bus Bakery: a regular 'ol croissant on the left and a raisin sticky bun on the right. Le Bus Bakery is generally well-regarded as one of the best if not the best bakery in Philadelphia for breads. I did purchase a loaf of their half-day-old Italian bread this time as well and it was delicious.

But so are their pastries.

There's actually a sign on their window that exclaims
"These are the best croissants outside of France. - Julia Childs"
Now, if you're in the know, you'd be like me, doing wild triple-takes. But if not, you may be thinking to yourself: dude, why would they showcase a quote from that old white lady on PBS with the voice that everyone loves to imitate... (Yeah, go on, get it out of your system.)

I have mad respect for Julia. She introduced French cuisine to the states through that tv show and her books. And while I haven't made too many of her recipes yet, I find her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, to be undeniably comforting in its old-school completeness and experience.

In any case, getting back to the point, I'm not going to make any claims about the best pastries outside of France. But I will say that their pastries are scrumptious. Look at all those layer folds in their sticky bun!

I will be trying out their cookies next time I stop by. I'm counting on them to stop my cookie slump.

Le Bus Bakery
135 S. 18th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Map)
($Bakery, $Philadelphia, $Recommended)

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