Sunday, April 20, 2008

Five Guys : Philadelphia

Yo, yo. It's hamburger time.

(Yeah, this isn't really that funny, but this got stuck in my head for some reason.)

I always pass by Five Guys while walking around Phili and always was intrigued. I know it's a chain and all, but it got voted as Phili's number 1 burger joint on the powerhouse foodie publication AOL Cityguide.

All kidding aside, Five Guys is a burger/hot dog chain that was started in Arlington, VA and has started to spread out nationwide. They do not use frozen beef patties and use freshly cut potatoes and peanut oil to cook their fries. All in all, the chain tries to have a fairly down-to-earth, local, make-a-quality burger feel, which works on some level. (The place was bustling at 3pm.)

As for the burgers and fries:

they were decent. The burger is by no means healthy and not exactly high-quality, but it feels like a level above the McDonalds/BK/Wendy's fast food burger joints. And together with its atmosphere, I can see it appealing to a fairly broad spectrum of eaters.

A few other random notes:
1) Their regular burger has two beef patties. I'm not sure if their mini-burgers only have 1 patty or are also smaller in dimensions too.
2) They give you a lot of fries. You can see my fries hanging out of its styrofoam cup like an upside down octopus. There were also spillage of more fries just chillin in the paper bag to the left and I wasn't able to finish half of the fries they gave.
3) If you can't already see, their fries are kind of soggy, which isn't bad per se. You can definitely taste those fresh potatoes, but just don't be expecting McDonald style fries.

All in all, it's not bad. It certainly isn't a destination restaurant, especially with so many other wonderful food choices in Phili. However, if I were say in a more suburban area, with only chain restaurants to choose from, Five Guys would not be a bad choice.

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