Sunday, March 23, 2008

Termini Bakery : Philadelphia

Oh boy, I'm still catching up on posts from this weekend's food blitz. As you may have noticed, my gf and I stopped off at the Reading Terminal Market and had ourselves a feast this past weekend. Topping off our meals was freshly filled cannoli from Termini.
The people who setup the Termini's stands really knew how to capture customers' attentions. When there's a line, you stand there waiting and looking at all the pastries, cakes and treats that you could be eating. Fortunately, we were sufficiently full and ordered just the one cannoli with ricotta cheese (and apparently chocolate chips). Otherwise, I suspect security guards would be rolling us out like that snotty plumped up blueberry girl in Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The cannoli was good, but not great. The shell was a touch over-baked, with a surprisingly strong crunch. We always order ricotta cheeese in the cannolis and apparently the only option is to add the chocolate chips to it as well. I wasn't a fan of that; it was yet another crunchy thing topped to the already crunchy shell. But umm the ricotta cheese was good. And well, it's a bloody cannoli - of course, you're going to gobble it up like a fasting man with munchies.

I'm not a connoiseur of cannolis, but I'm going to have to say: visit Termini's if you're in a rush, visit Isgro's if not.

Termini Bakery
Reading Terminal Market
12th and Arch St Philadelphia PA
($Bakery, $Dessert, $Philadelphia)

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