Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Susu : Hartford

I'm back in Phili, but I have a few entries from Hartford to catch up with. I was a little hesistent to post about Susu, because it was passable and because I've got such low-light, grainy pictures (forgot a real camera). But just for reference, here are my thoughts:

We headed to Susu, because of a friend's recommendation. Inside, it's a pretty nice atmosphere (my brother mentioned that their bathroom sinks glow with light). But I wasn't a fan of our meal, especially for the price. We ordered the Singapore noodles, some sushi rolls, and a few drinks.

The Singapore noodles were the only redeeming dish of the meal. The noodles and meat were moist and not too oily, although it was slightly low on the spices.

The sushi was my main problem. We ordered the spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, dancing lobster, and a cucumber wrapped roll that I'm blanking on the name. For the price, these were just not good. The rice didn't taste that fresh and the lobster tails in our Dancing Lobster were overcooked. The cucumber rolls, while an interesting concept, were just not executed well, leaving a slightly bitter unpleasant after-taste.

(Cucumber wrapped rolls)

All in all, especially since it's a short drive out of Hartford, I wouldn't recommend going to this place. There are a few other places: Ichiban, Feng that while don't have great sushi, at least have decent sushi.

132 New britain AV Plainville, CT 06062
(860) 793-0013
($Connecticut, $Hartford, $Japanese)

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