Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saint Honore Egg Tart : Philadelphia

Another day, another egg tart. This time one from Saint Honore Bakery in Chinatown. Oh boy, look at this one. All delicate and dainty and basking in the sunlight. But does its taste hold up to its appearance?

For the most part I'd say yes. The outside crust has a nice crunch to it, while the inner crust is fairly light and very flaky. I was a little let down by the custard, but I think that was unfair anticpation on my part, having tasted the slice of sunbeam that is the KC Pastries' egg tart. This custard was actually more loyal to the traditional eggy custard taste and while by no means innovative or mindblowing, it is solidly done.

As an semi-related aside, I actually picked up a bunch of their other buns and so far, they've all been quite solid as well. I particularly liked their red bean paste rice cake (and now I wish I had taken a picture before I wolfed it down), but all of the other buns were consistently good enough to convince me that Saint Honore should be my main go-to Chinese Bakery.

And coming back to the subject of the egg tart, I kind of see it in this manner: the Saint Honore one is your well-done, but regular egg tart that you get, since you're already picking up a bunch of other buns. And the egg tart at KC Pastries, well, that's more of a once-in-a-while treat.

Saint Honore Bakery
935 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Map)
(215) 925-5298
($Bakery, $Chinese, $Dessert, $Philadelphia)

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