Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rick's Philly Steaks : Philadelphia

This picture might look like a bunch of sliced meat and onions hastily thrown atop a hoagie bun, but ummm. Well damn, it is just that. The pictured sandwich is a cheesesteak from Rick's Steaks in the Reading Terminal Market. It's not really considered by locals to be a *true* Phili cheesesteak for reasons I'm still a little unclear on. But it's still respected as a might tasty sandwich.

And yes, the sandwich is quite satisfying. The steak was juicy, the onions were all caramelized and the provolone cheese melted in such a way, that the tastes of all of the sandwich innards mixes together quite nicely. The bread was surprisingly pretty light and fluffy, making for a very satisfying meal, but not in an overly "groan, you're going to have to roll me out of ths place" kind of a way.

For some reason, I kept on getting flashbacks of those frozen Steak-um beef slices, that you could get in the grocery store and that you could use use to make your own caricature of a Philly cheesesteak. I suspect it's the combination of the meat they select and the lighter, non-crusty roll that contributes to this image. (I also suspect that this is what disqualifies this sandwich from attaining an "authentic" status.) But I don't want to take away from this sandwich - it's truly quite good and I'd order one again if I was in the mood.

One other plus: you can watch as they grill up the sandwich meats, which was as mesmerizing as those videos of manufacturing plants on Sesame Streets. Raw beef slices thrown on the grill, beef starts to shrivel, flip flip flip flip, shrivel, slap onto a bun. Rinse, repeat.

I'd definitely recommend this, but I'm not sure if this would be the first of my recommendation list, especially for being in the Reading Terminal Market.

Rick's Steaks
12th and Arch St., Philadelphia, PA
(215) 925-4320

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