Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pho Saigon : Springfield

Another leftover post, this time from Springfield MA. I've briefly written about Pho Saigon in Springfield, MA before. It's been a favorite of my parents for some time and while it has switched owners semi-recently, it remains a consistent hitter in an area relatively devoid of quality ethnic restaurants.

We went with a couple of the regular dishes. Fried spring rolls:

Lemongrass Pho:

Beef Pho:

While the broths were slightly underflavored, we still appreciated these tasty, body-warming treats on such a cold day. I must say that I was a little bit surprised that we polished off everything and did not feel overwhelmingly stuffed after walking out. I'm not sure why this was; every other time I've been, I've been waddling out.

I should mention the decor inside is nicer than most of the Vietnamese restaurants I've been to, with a fancy rick shaw in the window and interesting paintings/photos on the walls. It's warm, yet tasteful.

As I mentioned before, there aren't that many good ethnic places nearby and I hope this place sticks around for quite some time.

Pho Saigon
398 Dickinson St. Springfield, MA 01108 (map)
(413) 781-4488

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  1. I think this ranks as the worst pho restaurant I've been to in Springfield, MA. When we first walked in, we were the only people there - not a good sign. I looked to the right of the entrance and all the tables had big bowls of eaten pho and dirty chopsticks/spoons on them. It was a disgusting sight. It's like they took all the dirty dishes from the day and piled them up on the tables to the right and don't plan on washing them until the end of the day or something.

    After we sat down, I noticed there was an awful bathroom smell. I order the number 18 which is suppose to be a seafood pho, the broth was salty, they only had ONE SHRIMP, ONE SQUID, ONE FISH BALL THAT WAS CUT IN 5 PIECES and the noodles tasted like plastic. Can that even be classified as a seafood pho??? I think not.

    My husband and I were afraid to order the water there so we opted for nothing instead. I'm not sure there has ever been a restaurant we went to in this country where we were afraid to order water.

    One more thing - a few more patrons walked in during our dinner but we noticed they were all white. Nothing against you white folks but it usually isn't a good sign when an asian restaurant on highway 91 is not attracting any asian people.