Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pete's Famous Pizza

Before, I talk about Pete's Famous Pizza, let me start with a poem. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thought that Pete's was a little bit unusual, albeit for completely different reasons. (And no, I didn't go to Pete's because of the waitress.)

I was just going because I had a hankering for pizza. Just any normal pizza shop would do and Pete's was fairly closeby, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Inside, the place looked no different than any pizza/sub take-out place. Upon coming home and tasting the food, however, I came to understand that this place was slightly different than most places and in a good way. Not phenominally awesome, but enough for me to be quite pleasantly surprised.

The onion rings were not the greasy soggy mess they usually are. I'm not sure how much you can tell from the photo, visually, they looked quite good, almost like mini coconut covered donuts. They have quite a crunch and bizarrely, almost seem semi-healthy. They were a bit on the dry side, but I think I'd take that trade-off most days.

As for the pizza, well, for a large pizza, it's relatively small compared to other pizza shops, about 13" in diameter. It comes with garlic butter, which I don't particularly care for, but a few friends go nuts for when it comes with the Papa John's pizza.
The actual slices are pretty solid as well. I'm not sure whether they added butter somewhere or whether it's the type of cheese, but there's a slight sweet creaminess to it.

It's thin crust pizza. Unfortunately, after being a little late in picking up the pizza, having to walk home in the cool weather and being too lazy to reheat it in my oven, I'm not sure what the crust tastes like piping hot. But it tasted acceptable cool. Lastly, I didn't take a picture, but I noticed that the underside of the slide wasn't even close to being burnt. Very interesting.

Altogether, despite being a cornershop pizza joint, I got the warm and fuzzy feeling that these guys actually seemed to care about their food. Especially after hearing about the recent random violence in Philly, it's nice to know that there are still people here putting effort into doing their thing. I have a strong hunch I'll be back for more.

Pete's Famous Pizza
116 N 21st St Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Map)
(215) 567-4116

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